Your Complete Medical Billing


Our Guiding Principles

We put the patient at the heart of everything we do to ensure the optimum patient experience by treating patients with care and respect and making their journey easier

We employ unique, innovative, state-of-the-art technology with software
designed by patientzone
specifically for our business,
to issue invoices and process
online payments securely
and efficiently

We deliver an excellent customer experience by
ensuring our experienced
team provide personalised,
appropriate, convenient and
proactive customer service
to each clinician

Our Team

Richard Shawyer Managing Director

Richard is the driving force behind Patient Billing. He has worked within the medical billing industry for over 10-years and founded Patient Billing in 2018. During his career he has gained extensive knowledge of private healthcare and the major stakeholders – patients, insurance companies, embassies, hospital groups and the clinicians. Richard ensures the company operates according to his strongest principle of putting each patient at the centre of everything,
treating them with care and respect to make their journey easier. Richard is also a trustee of two patient-focussed charities.

Alison Bacon Senior Business Manager

Alison has worked within the medical billing industry since 2013. She is responsible for the day-to-day management of our team of account managers and ensures that each of the clinicians in private practice is managed to the best possible standards.

Hannah Boote Client Services Director

Hannah is a highly-experienced Client Services Director with extensive sales and marketing experience. Hannah has regulatory training and she is highly skilled in GDPR. She is responsible for the creation and execution of the sales and marketing strategy.

Nikki Carrington Senior Account Manager

Nikki has worked within the debt collection industry for over 10-years and for the last five years within medical billing.

Mayur Aggarwal

Account Manager

Carl Allen
Account Manager

Faith Diaz

Account Manager
Chloe Carrington
Account Manager
Hannah Collier
Account Manager
Amelia Coregan
Account Manager
Elaine Moon
Account Manager
Gabi Ghita

Marketing Executive

Gabi Ghita Associate, Marketing & Social Media Gabi is responsible for creating and implementing tactical marketing and social media campaigns.