Why we’re so good at what we do

Our team have over 50 years’
expertise collectively in medical billing practice and debt collection enabling them to deliver an excellent customer experience by providing personalised, appropriate, convenient and proactive customer service to each client.

We improve cash flow and maintain the level of debt from payments due at less than 0.5% by delivering faster payment collection rates through our use of technology and maximising codes and fee schedules.

We provide clinicians with secure, easy, instant access 24/7 to the live status of their account via our app and online portal and online line-by-line data and analytics via Healthcode.

We have excellent relationships with insurers and provide a free fee consultation and ongoing recommendations for codes and fee schedules to ensure that your fees are in line with the current market.

Our unique, innovative app and
online portal are designed specifically for our business using
state-of-the-art technology, with
an extensive long-term roadmap to ensure the patient journey is
continuously improved.

We ensure the optimum patient
experience by putting the patient at the heart of everything we do,
treating them with care and respect and making their journey easier.