A conversation with a healthcare Industry leader

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Welcome to a conversation with a healthcare Industry leader

We are pleased to introduce you to Jane Braithwaite, director of Designated Medical. Jane has been leading Designated since 2013 and has a team of around 45 people. They operate a virtual secretary service which she explains more in detail during the interview.

Prior to starting Designated, Jane helped her husband, a consultant gynaecologist, to set up his Harley Street practice and she brings her knowledge of his busy practice to other practices.

Jane highlights the advantages and disadvantages of virtual and on premises secretaries and shares her thoughts on how practice managers could benefit from having a medical billing service on their side: ‘I firmly believe that to be successful in private practice we have to focus on delivering the ultimate patient experience and a medical PA is a huge part in achieving this. I always felt that the best model is to have the medical PA focusing on patient care and for the invoicing and the collecting of payments to be managed by a different organisation’’

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